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Sellers' Checklist



Most professional removal firms are members of the British Assocation of Removers. You will be protected by the Association's code of Practice.

Charges can vary considerably, so ask a few firms to come to your home, assess what will be involved in the move and give you a quote in writing!

Arrange your move as far in advance as possible to ensure you can move when you want to and if you do use a professional firm, ask them for packing boxes before you move.

Before You Move

  • Arrange to take over the phone at your new home
  • Contact the line operator, you may be able to keep the line switched on and avoid reconnection charges
  • Redirect your post - for a charge, the Royal Mail will redirect your post to your new address
  • Settle any newspaper and milk bills
  • Run down your freezer so you can defrost it or, if you don't want to, turn it up two or three days before you move
    to freeze the contents as deeply as possibly

Now check that you have advised everyone of your new address:

  • Accountant/Financial adviser
  • Bank
  • Building society
  • Catalogue companies
  • Clubs and societies
  • Credit card and store card companies
  • Dentist
  • Doctor/hospital/clinics
  • DVLA (Driving licence)
  • Electricity company
  • Employer
  • Gas company
  • Gym/leisure centre
  • Inland revenue
  • Insurance/pension companies
  • Library
  • Loan providers
  • Motoring organisations/services
  • National Savings
  • Optician
  • Premium Bonds
  • Schools/colleges
  • Subscriptions including cable/satellite TV, magazines, and internet provider
  • Telephone/mobile phone companies
  • Trade Unions and professional bodies
  • TV Licensing Authority
  • Vet
  • Water company

On the day you move

  • Read the meters at your old and new home
  • Don't pack everything - keep a few items handy - mugs, kettles, tea, washing up bowl, vacuum cleaner, bin bags and light bulbs etc
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