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Your property particulars

We offer a high standard of property details including internal and external photographs plus an accurate sales-focused description of your home.


3D Floor Plans

next2buy Ltd were the first agent in the area to include floor plans in our property details.

A floor plan of your property will enable buyers to visualise the layout of your home and help us get the right people through your door.


Unlike some other sites, our website shows full details of your property including internal views, floor plans, Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's) and a useful map to help prospective buyers to find your property.

Our website is updated everyday so, properties that have just been sold are quickly removed creating more focus on new additions. receives thousands of hits per month attracting buyers within Tyneside as well as other areas of the UK and worldwide!

next2buy Ltd are also members of Rightmove who are the UK's largest property website and


Marketing advice

Sell or Buy first? Usually, we would advise putting your property on the market before beginning your search for a new home, this will give you more credibility with other agents and sellers alike.

Some properties sell before the 'For Sale' sign goes up. This is as a result of our dedicated team at next2buy Ltd who will be contacting our clients in the best buying position first ie. those in a position to proceed, before marketing more widely.

When marketing your home we take great care in looking for the buyer best suited to your individual needs and circumstances.

We have buyers that can move quickly and others that are flexible and will wait for you if you need more time to find your next property.

Don't forget, its your home, and no-one can make you move! You have complete control!

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